Jonathan Johnson, Founder


Introducing Jonathan Johnson

Jonathan Johnson founded Auxato in 2015 after four years working in the recruitment industry.  He specialises in the recruitment of Corporate Affairs and Marketing professionals in a range of industries and sectors, including; health and pharmaceuticals, financial services, technology, management consultancy, energy, travel, hospitality, property, consumer goods, logistics, charities & NGO’s, membership bodies and more.

Jonathan has carved out his career working with FTSE100 companies through to start-ups looking to grow their businesses.

Jonathan launched in 2015, growing the company to over 150 clients, he has built and maintains a strong network of candidates and
clients in Communications and Marketing.

Who we are

Auxato (Auxiliary *To Support* and Natio *People*) is a business driven by its founder’s passion for making great matches, and by its mission to find “places for people”. We understand the unique and sometimes complex recruitment requirements for our clients, which is why we take the time to really get to know our candidates, this allows us to identify those all important, perfect matches.

Quality of offering (great people) and a genuine understanding of the right place for them (the client, their business and the opportunity) is central to what Auxato do.


How we work

We get to know our clients

Before we take on a brief, we talk, at length, with out clients to get to know their business and who will thrive in the environment they offer.  We find places for people; we’ll get to know the place and then find the people to achieve their goal.

We have a true passion for what we do

Our people haven’t fallen into recruitment for want of something else.  We chose to work in recruitment and we love it.  We’re curious about what makes great people and business tick and how they mix to achieve real success.

Show us the numbers, don’t show us a target

The numbers never lie, but sales target can and will. Our people don’t work to sales targets; they’re targeted on one thing only; does the hire they make work? Do they improve the business and do they stay?


Our aim

Recruitment is a crowded universe and the reach of social media and the power of disruptive technology has shifted the tectonic plates under the traditional 3 way candidate – agency – client conversation.In such a world a genuine USP is hard to come by.

That’s great for a company like ours! Technology and social come naturally to us. When you strip that away you’re left with passion, people focus and a drive for a great client and candidate experience.


Auxato are an extremely personable and reliable recruitment agency who I had great pleasure in working with.  Auxato were enthusiastic and professional and I would definitely approach them again for recruitment needs….

Account Director – Communications

I have been impressed by Auxato’s thorough approach to taking the brief, understanding our needs and finding candidates who are the right fit for our roles.  Their extra efforts to provide written and verbal insight into how individual profiles match…

Communications Director

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