Top 5 books for Lockdown 2.0

October 2020

Winter is coming, put down your phone, stop scrolling and feed your mind with this reading list. It will get you thinking and (hopefully) inspire you to create some fantastic new material for your stakeholders.


1. The Four

Author: Scott Galloway

Forget ‘The Famous Five’ it’s all about the Four Horsemen (Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google). This is one of the best books I have ever read and I would recommend everyone reads it; not just those in PR, Comms and Marketing. Understanding the four companies and how they work, both socially and economically, is crucial to a successful business in the 21st century. Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google have changed the world in many ways, both for better and worse. Prepare to have your mind blown..

2. Nonviolent communications, a language of life

Author: Marshall B Rosenberg

When communication is central to your profession, this book needs to be high on your priority list. By reviewing the way you connect with people and becoming conscious of how your language can impact a situation, it can be both enlightening and empowering. Through studying and experimenting with different terminology you can truly understand the power of the written word.

3. Drunk Tank Pink

Author: Adam Alter

If you like a book that really gets you thinking, this one’s for you! Explore how external factors (…such as the colour pink) can influence the behaviour and emotional stability of those surrounding it. This book will have you identifying how seemingly minor changes in your own life can impact your mood.(!) Fair warning: you will feel compelled to redecorate when you’ve finished reading.

4. Moscow Rules, what drives Russia to confront the West

Author: Keir Giles

Peel back the layers of Russia and delve into the depths of the complicated, confrontational and confusing relationship with the West. It turns out that the differences aren’t skin deep, they are so ingrained in society, that it’s more about learning to accept and work with each other’s differences than trying to change opinions.

5. I love you, but I hate your politics

Author: Jeanne Safer

An amusing look on nurturing your relationships, both professional and personal, despite different political views. Learn how to separate your impulse from rationale without losing your passion. Discover ways to create compelling arguments for your point of view whilst maintaining your friendships. You will learn more than the art of debate; you will master the concept of professional (not personal) politics.

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